QiOn has developed the world’s first operational MegaWatt Charging Station a first-of-its-kind EV charging station.

Plug in, charge in minutes and drive on. With the design and construction of the MW Station, QiOn marks an important step on the path to the energy revolution.

“Making the energy transition to electric a better reality”.

That’s a promise kept.

Our state-of-the-art EV Charging Station offers DC devices are compatible with all plug standards, allowing worldwide installation. Charging outputs are scalable and configurable as required, ensuring maximum flexibility and freedom in designing the charging layout of your choice. Additionally, the MegaWatt Stations are entirely developed by QiOn creating highly sustainable structures in both materials and functionality. A carbon neutral footprint can be established in as little as 7-9 years.

Some of the unique features of our MW Stations:

/ Cantilever roof design using metal, wood beams and solar panels; benchmarks of innovation, sustainability and power.

/ Solar panels on the roof can generate 64-megawatts per year.

/ The design of the structure allows it to be disassembled and reassembled.

/ Rain water is captured by the roof and taken to an absorption well, helping the recharge of the ground water.

/ Timber is used because it is a renewable source and requires less energy to produce than other building materials.

/ Drive-through design for easy access.

/ 4 lanes with the ability to offer a variety of charging terminals.

/ Charging power up to 1 MegaWatt…and beyond.

A unique drive through charging experience, making the promise of fast charging tomorrow, available today.

The MW Stations made by QiOn are a reference standard of clean mobility.