AC Blade Charger

Up to 44 kW

The quintessential charger screen interface. A powerful AC solution enriched with a 43’ glass-tempered screen. A must-have for commercial applications while providing unique charging information with an interactive interface. Sleek design details matching your urban landscape. Delivering up to 44 kW.

Alternating Current Plugs
Type 1
Type 2
General Specs       Download data sheet
Power Output 7/14/22/44 kW (Cable A + Socket B)
Net Weight 143Kg / 315.26lb
A Height 1980mm / 77.96
B Width 840mm / 33.07
C Depth 310mm / 12.20

Working Temperature

(C°) -20°C~50°C / -4/122°F

Working Temperature
-0 °C
+0 °C
-45 °C
0 °C
+90 °C

Operating Humidity
≤ 95%

Protection Grade
IP 54

Outdoor IP

Smart Length Cable
4. 5m


Protective Functions
Over-current Protection
Under-Voltage Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
Residual Current Protection
Lightning Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Grounding Fault Protection
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