DC ThunderFast

Up to 240 kW

QiOn’s DC ThunderFast is a bold trailblazer in the e-mobility industry. A state-of-the-art solution for fast charging the latest generation of passenger, commercial, and electric public transport. Compact, powerful, and flexible. The ThunderFast is resetting expectations in the EV charging world. Boasting up to 240 kW and to be paired with QiOn’s power supply – The ThunderSource.

Direct Current Plugs
General Specs       Download data sheet
Power Output 240 kW
Expandable Configuration 180/210/240 kW
Net Weight 156Kg / 343.92lb
A Height 1958mm / 77.09
B Width 600mm / 23.62
C Depth 450mm / 17.72

Working Temperature

(C°) -30°C~85°C / -22/185°F

Working Temperature
-0 °C
+0 °C
-45 °C
0 °C
+90 °C

Operating Humidity
≤ 95%

Protection Grade
IP 54

Outdoor IP

Smart Length Cable
4. 1m


Protective Functions
Over-current Protection
Under-Voltage Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
Residual Current Protection
Lightning Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Grounding Fault Protection
Extra Features

Our DC ThunderFast can feature a 32” screen for advertising purposes that will be placed on the backside of the charger. Giving you the opportunity to add an extra benefit for your customers. You can ask for this feature when customizing your QiOn DC ThunderFast.

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