Innovative software solutions

All of our innovative EV software solutions for the efficient management of the charging network are developed in partnership with QinnoSys – Charger Interoperability System Inc., a global, American based company at the forefront of e-mobility innovation, capable of developing the most advanced and competitive, custom-built EV software solutions.

Operating in a system that offers everything you need without having to rely on external integrations is part of QiOn’s all-encompassing ecosystem. This is made possible thanks to some of the most remarkable pieces of QiOn’s R&D effort: the QiOn Central Management System, the QiOn Mobile App, and the QiOn Power Network. These work in conjunction to offer an unparalleled power ecosystem for easily managing and optimizing electric charging networks.

Breakdown of QiOn EV software solutions and how they work

How it works

The whole software ecosystem is anchored by our advanced QiOn Power Network, a secure and reliable infrastructure that seamlessly connects charging stations across diverse locations. QiOn’s network ensures uninterrupted communication, enabling efficient management and control of charging stations.

Our Central Management System (QCMS) serves as the nerve center of the ecosystem, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. With centralized management, real-time monitoring, and customizable profit-sharing structures, it becomes easy to optimize revenue streams and gain valuable insights into charging network performance.

Additionally QiOn Mobile App empowers users with convenience and flexibility. From finding charging stations to planning routes and personalizing charging preferences, our App simplifies the electric mobility experience, putting control at your fingertips.

The seamless integration of these components sets the QiOn power ecosystem apart. By unifying the QiOn Power Network, QCMS, and QiOn Mobile App, we create a holistic solution that enhances the electric mobility landscape, aimed at creating efficient charging networks, delivering exceptional user experiences, and staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

CMS - Central Management System

UX design of EV charging solutions by QiOnWith our CMS, you can finally bring all your charging stations under one unified platform, allowing complete control and visibility. A unique open system that can be seamlessly integrated with your accounting, giving you the freedom to personalize every detail of the charging session, and even generate virtual stations.

Some of the key functionalities that make our CMS an essential tool for managing your EV charging network:
/ Comprehensive Network View: No more juggling between multiple platforms or struggling with scattered information. Our CMS consolidates all the essential data, ensuring you have a clear overview at your fingertips.
/ Real-time Monitoring and Analytics: Stay informed about the status, customer flow, and consumption of your charging stations.
/ Hassle-free Charger Control: Our CMS allows you to remotely monitor your system, service status of each charger, troubleshoot basic issues and remotely control individual chargers.
/ Customizable Naming and Grouping: Organize your stations, chargers, and plugs efficiently by assigning custom names, groups, and properties.
/ Flexible Profit-Sharing Structures: Construct personalized profit-sharing structures that suit your business needs. Even at the plug level, you have the flexibility to establish unique profit-sharing compositions.
/ Clear Cost and Profit Separation: With transparent breakdowns, you can have a clear understanding of your financials, allowing for better budgeting and resource allocation.
/ Diverse Partner Structures: Whether you’re working with the same partners but with different cost and profit-sharing arrangements, our CMS accommodates your dynamic business relationships effortlessly.
/ Plug-level Charge Price Setting: Our CMS enables you to customize pricing based on individual plugs.
/ Streamlined Scheduling: Define plugs and assign them to partner groups with specific pricing and profit-sharing arrangements.
/ Robust Security Features: Our CMS incorporates two-factor authentication for all admins, providing an additional layer of protection.
/ White label software service and Brand Personalization: Customize the partner experience by incorporating logos and company branding.

OCPP - Open Charge Point Protocol

QiOn operates through The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 1.6 / 2.0.1), an application protocol for communication between electric vehicle charging stations and a central management system (a charging station network).
This open-source protocol ensures all participants are speaking the same language. Interoperability is a significant advantage.
This is the best way to keep a system on the vanguard to meet the needs of every charging situation.
EV charger display powered by EV software solutions by QiOn

QiOn Power Network

The whole software ecosystem is anchored by our advanced QiOn Power Network, a secure and reliable infrastructure that seamlessly connects charging stations across diverse locations. QiOn’s network ensures uninterrupted communication, enabling efficient management and control of charging stations.

Key Features and Capabilities of the QiOn Power Network:

/ Robust Connectivity: Whether in urban areas or remote locations, our network enables seamless communication and efficient management of your charging stations.
/ Transactional Security: The QiOn Power Network ensures secure payment and billing processes, providing a secure and fraud-free transaction experience.
/ SOC/NOC Support: Our dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) provide comprehensive support for all QiOn Power chargers, regardless of the model or brand represented by our partners.
/ Intelligent Peer Selection: The QiOn Power Network employs intelligent peer selection, enabling it to choose other peers dynamically and intelligently within the network for efficient and reliable transmission.
/ Distributed and Scalable Infrastructure: Designed as a multi-peer network with a cloud-based architecture, the QiOn Power Network boasts a distributed infrastructure across various global locations.
/ Distributed Databases: To enhance security and efficiency in data management and analytics, the QiOn Power Network utilizes distributed databases.

QiOn Mobile App

An advanced and powerful tool. With its effective features, customizable interface, multilingual capabilities, and local-coverage servers, QiOn Mobile App is designed to give the most global mobile solution for B2C customers.Snapshot render of mobile app for EV software solutions
Key Features of the QiOn Mobile App:/ Intuitive and Seamless Interface: Sleek and user-friendly interface.
/ Efficient Charging Station Discovery: The “Find Station” feature allows you to locate nearby charging points with ease.
/ Quick QR Code Scanning: Just a quick scan to initiate the charging process promptly.
/ Optimal Route Planning: Integrated map feature.
/ White Flag Reconfigurable, with Personalized Profiles and Preferences:</span > Customize preferences and manage financial information within the app, putting you in complete control. Additionally, the app can be further customized with company colors logo to match your brand identity.
/ Dark and Light Modes
/ Multilingual Support: The QiOn Mobile App currently supports 22 languages.
/ Informative Data Visualization: While charging, the app displays essential charging metrics.
/ Performance, Dependability, and Security:</span > For users’ security and smooth operability the servers are regionally based – locally covered. With a robust backend infrastructure we promise a seamless user experience.
/ Support Assistance The app features a support service button.
/ Data Usability: Usage patterns and reactions to prices and promotional programs are collected for analytical purposes.