Extending Power Beyond


Make the energy transition to electric a better reality

Our mission

A US-based company with a global first approach going over and above to drive innovation.

Today, QiOn’s mission is to design and craft advanced technologies to drive the world of mobility towards the future.

We are committed to deliver the EV universe with megafast chargers. To make the energy transition to electric a better reality.

Our vision

We have a vision of shaping perceptions around the world of EV charging. Opening to a forward-thinking and intuitive experience.

QiOn is committed to exceeding expectations by pushing technological boundaries. Our goal is to pave the way for innovation. To give energy delivery a new meaning. Beyond.

Core values

QiOn stands for advancement and calls for a more enjoyable charging experience. What drives us is a desire to offer easy-to-use, quick charging technologies.

Thanks to a seamless user experience and a clear interface we are committed to make power available for your electric journey like never before.

What characterizes our way of working is a tailor-made approach while having a global mindset. Our chargers are equipped with high-grade materials and a fully developed design that guarantees durability and safety.

QiOn models are state-of-the-art devices for every mean of transportation. We are dedicated to take the hassle out of owning an electric vehicle and to be trendsetters in the EV charging industry.